Wretched Chasm

A local farmer has been clearing a new plot of land a bit south of Duskhaven. Upon tilling the soil the ground collapsed, swallowing his till and leaving a chasm that opened deep below the field. He’s been telling everyone at the Inn that he’s sure it’s full of topaz, just like the dried up mine that made this town, but he’s afraid to find out as there’s a strong, putrid odor emanating from the tear in the earth…


The drop was deep enough that the farmer couldn’t see his till, though he heard it break relatively shortly after the ground swallowed it. He recommends climbing gear and warns against the still-shifting earth.

The upper cavern had been taken over by a nesting Carrion Crawler and its spawn, attracted by the smell.

The lower chamber was home to older inhabitants, a Roper and several piercers masquerading as stalagmites and stalactites.

Above the lower cavern, a collapsed mining tunnel was discovered containing veins of citrine.

Wretched Chasm

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