Stone Doors in Swiftwater

During the extraction of the Swiftwater Tableau, a pair of large stone doors were encountered. It appeared as though the metal hinges had been removed, likely by the rust monsters encountered there. Without the hinges, Heth is pretty sure we need to bring back a block and tackle or some powerful magic to move them and see what lies behind them.


The party is likely to need a block and tackle (possibly attainable in Duskhaven) or more powerful spells that move, shape, or destroy stone to proceed.

The surrounding area contained goblins, umberhulk, and rust monsters. It might be possible that the umberhulk tunnel connects to whatever lies behind those doors, or that more umberhulk or an even greater threat lies within.

The Kuo-toa Temple below Swiftwater

Stone Doors in Swiftwater

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