Balven Rhymeslinger

Half-elf Lore bard. Illest MC in the hood.


His eyes may be bloodshot from last nite’s bender and his pockets may be empty from a bad hand of card, but he is alert and smiling. He greets his fellow traveller with excitement. After some small talk he begins peppering his new friends with questions about their life and adventures, eager to learn all about their exploits. All the while his eyes dart around to absorb every detail about the landscape as is passes by. It is clear he can barely contain his excitement about the experiences that lie ahead.

Balven was groomed as a traditional minstrel by his father, starting as soon as he could hold a lute. Growing up in the manor house of the wealth fancies himself as an up and coming rapper, with a fondness for the harsh language and gritty themes of gangster rap, but he is not very good at it. While he earned a living with more traditional minstrel gigs (to which his actual talents are far more suited), he has spent the last year trying to break into the local rap scene without much success. He attributes it to the bland mainstream tastes in his hometown and also to his own pampered upbringing which has not afforded him. So he has struck out into the hinterlands to seek a new raw style and also for adventure to serve as his subject matter.


Balven Rhymeslinger

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